Future PolyEster Books head honcho Gonzo Macmillan was holidaying in San Francisco when a teenager. After a chance meeting in a supermarket with a roadie who worked for Frank Zappa he was invited to a 'happening' at Frank Zappa's house high in the Hollywood hills and met many leading musicians, film stars and assorted freaks and innovators including Brian Wilson, Dennis Hopper and Charles Manson.

One event at that notorious party that forever changed Gonzo's view of reality was participating in a peyote shamanistic sex ritual with Mia Farrrow, Anita Pallenberg and the High priest of the Church of Satan Anton Lavey.

Soon after this event Gonzo moved into Anton Lavey's headquarters the Black House where he received personal instruction in the satanic arts from the black pope himself and ordained as a high priest. In the ensuing years the mystery PolyEster man was always in the right place at the wrong time. Scoring walk on parts on all the best films, playing the redneck who shot Peter Fonda at the end of Easy Rider, the official dealer back stage at Woodstock who sold the legendary brown acid, a former member of the notorious cult group the Bran Flakes, and the man who found the marijuana for Paul Mcartney who got busted going through Japanese customs. It's been a long strange trip for Gonzo who after many years of partying and fucking about decided to settle down and open the world's most fucked up book shop: PolyEster Books in Brunswick Street in Fitzroy where taboos are broken and censorship laws are held in the contempt that they so richly deserve.

PolyEster Books present an array of Books, magazines and videos not found in the your mainstream Mcdonalds book shop, including drug information, a full range of Satanic literature, Erotic instructional aids, Sexy t-shirts, conspiracy theories and political rants of every persuasion. Too much to do too little time.